Ayrshire Cup – Teams of 4 Knockout.     

Form a team of 4 and  nominate a captain for your team. Closing date for entries is Sunday 27th October with the draw being made in early November.

Once the draw is communicated, the captain in each team will co-ordinate a date and venue for the match. Matches can be played at the venue of the "home" team's choice and be at a team member's house, the ABC or any other venue of your choosing. At the match you will manually score it and report the result to the event co-ordinator. 

This event is open to all levels but players should have club experience with at least one member knowing how to score the match.

 As you can see from the list below, this competition has been running since 1935 in Ayrshire and is the only one like it in Scotland ! So come on and be a part of this long running tradition. 



Year Captain & Team Members
2018-19 Thomson Kerr & Chris Gurney, Stuart McCreadie & Pat Smith
2017-18 David & Sandra Wiseman, Gordon Smith, Eddie McGeough
2016-17 Jim Tudor, Anne Braid & Sam McNair, Alison Tudor
2015-16 Sam & Kate Malkani, Stewart Duguid & Sandy Anderson
2014-15 David & Sandra Wiseman, Ian Burn & Bobby Moore
2013-14 David & Yvonne Wiseman, Sandra & Ralph Wiseman, W Gordon Smith & Ken Forsyth
2012-13 Thomson Kerr, Chris Gurney, Stuart McCreadie, Pat Smith
2011-12 Anne Braid & Sam McNair, Alison & Jim Tudor.
2010-11 Frances Murphy, Rita Stuart, Nicé McKell and Anne Fraser.
2009-10 S Malkani  K.Malkani  J Dick  S McCreadie
2008-09 J Thomson  J Tudor  S Kableshkov  A Raeburn.
2007-08 G Smith  P Smith  Y Wiseman  D Wiseman
2006-07 S Malkani  J Lowe  J Dick  S McCreadie
2005-06 R Stewart  S Caldwell  J Menzies  M Docherty
2004-05 W G Smith  D Wiseman  J Kelk  P Smith
2003-04 S Malkani  J Dick  S McCreadie  J Lowe
2002-03 S Malkani  J Dick  S McCreadie  J Lowe
2001-02 J Dick  S Malkani  J Lowe  J Stevenson
2000-01 A and D Graham  J Hendry  D Pelling 
1999-00 J Dick  J Lowe  S Malkani  S McCreadie
1998-99 J Dick  J Lowe  S Malkani  S McCreadie
1997-98 J Dick  J Lowe  S Malkani  S McCreadie
1996-97 S Malkani  S McCreadie  J Dick  J Lowe
1995-96 N McKell  A Fraser  E Munro  F Murphy
1994-95 R Alexander's Team Kilwinning
1993-94 Mr and Mrs J Wilcox Mrs A Braid S McNair
1992-93 Mrs F Abbott's Team Kilwinning
1991-92 J Cleland's Team Kilmarnock
1990-91 A Pelling 's Team Kilmarnock
1989-90 S Malkani's Team Kilwinning
1988-89 R Munro's Team  Kilmarnock
1987-88 J Cleland's Team  Kilmarnock
1986-87 W. G Smith's Team  Riggs
1985-86 J. McClymomt's Team  Kilmarnock
1984-85 Dr. McCreadie's team  Kilmarnock
1983-84 I. Adamson's team  Kilmarnock
1982-83 I. Adamson's team  Kilmarnock
1981-82 D McDonald's Team  Savoy
1980-81 J.R. Dick's Team  Kilmarnock
1979-80 C. McLatchie's Team  Largs
1978-79 J. Drake's Team  Ardeer
1977-78 J. G. McNeil's Team  Kilwinning
1976-77 Dr. McCreadie's Team Kilwinning
1975-76 Dr. McCreadie's Team Kilwinning
1974-75 R. Pearson's Team  Largs
1973-74 J.P.McClymon't Team  Kilmarnock
1972-73 V.H. Styles' Team  Ayr
1971-72 J.D.S. Mcmillan's Team  Portland
1970-71 J.P. Hendry's Team Portland
1969-70 T. Cameron's Team  Hyster
1968-69 R.C.Crawford's Team Saltcoats
 1967-68 H.D.Scagell's Team PREST.CON
 1966-67 R Wood's Team Cumnock
 1965-66 H. Turnbull's Team Cumnock
 1964-65 W.H.Sloan's Team Cumnock
 1963-64 Dr.P.F.Gay's Team Saltcoats
 1962-63 Dr.P.F.Gay's Team Saltcoats
 1961-62 Dr.P.F.Gay's Team Saltcoats
 1960-61 G.G.Fowlie's Team Saltcoats 
 1959-60 E.Whitworth's Team Saltcoats 
 1958-59  A.McG.Morton's Team Ayr
 1957-58  M.G.Thomson's Team Ayr
 1956-57  A.McG.Morton's Team Ayr
 1955-56  Mr. A.Grant's Team Prestwick Conservative B.C
 1954-55  Dr.Johnstone's Team Saltcoats
 1953-54 R.Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats 
 1952-53  Miss M. Innes' Team Kilmarnock Portland
 1951-52  R.Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats
 1950-51  R.Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats
 1949-50 P. Maughn's Team Ayr 
 1948-49  R. Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats
 1947-48  F.Inglis' Team Ayr
 1946-47  J.W.Tait's Team Saltcoats
 1945-46  R.Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats
 1944-45  Not Played
 1943-44  Not Played
 1942-43  Not Played
 1941-42  Not Played
 1940-41  Not Played
 1939-40  Not Played
 1938-39  R.Ashcroft's Team Saltcoats
 1937-38  R.Duncan's Team Kilmarnock Conservatives' B.C.
 1936-37 Thomas Morton's Team Newmilns B.C.
 1935-36  J.Niblock's Team Kilwinning